Who is in front of me in the web

The project Who is in front of me in the web was implemented in 2016 with the financial support of Sofia Municipality under Europe 2016 Program, in partnership with the Slatina regional administration.
It was aimed at training in cyber security of students of 5-7 grade in two schools in Sofia. More than 300 students were trained on safe presence in social networks, and creating sustainable habits for young people when communicate in the web. The goal of the project team was to build skills related to creating and publishing content in the virtual space, as well as acquiring the knowledge needed to use the information on the web. The classes in “Information Technology” at school give students initial knowledge of computer work. The project “Who Is in front of me in the web” builds on these good practices and on this training with the skills to recognize both the dangers in the network and the building of the personal “digital files” of the students. “Digital I” is what every social networking user publishes, uploads and shares in the virtual space. These “records” leave their traces and form the personal digital file. One of the goals of the project is how to form this “Digital I” and its upgrade with official and unofficial information. Young people aged between 11 and 14 know the technologies and capabilities of electronic devices but the experts gave the students additional knowledge about the dangers of social networks and helped them to build skills for selfprotection. Using a game model, students were taught to react in cases of aggression in the net that are often transmitted to real life.
An acknowledgment of the project “Who is in front of me in the web” is its nomination for a prize from the Program of Best Practice in Bulgarian Local Self-Governments 2016-2017, with the financial support of the Council of Europe.