The Two Faces of Sofia

The themes of use of drugs and drug addicted are not comfortable neither for media, neither for policy makers. All states, cities and communities fight against drugs but very often end up fighting against the people who suffer from drugs. The lazy thinking is the eleventh mortal sin because it imitates activities in public interest keeping the status quo when there are simple decisions waiting for to be adopted. The practice of Sharing of injecting equipment by drug addicts leads to infections, such as HepC or HIV. Discarded needles on the streets are unpleasant picture for all of us. Such behaviour exposes to health risk all citizens at public spaces which are often open scenes for drug users. The old methods of punishment do not work anymore but is the society ready to free its mind? “The Two Faces of Sofia” was a 3-day public action which aimed to engage Sofia citizens to support public petition for opening of supervised injecting facilities (SIFs), also known as “drug consumption rooms”. Along with the traditional attributes of every public campaign, we created a simple installation – a human size mirror which was positioned in front of the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov” reflecting the beautiful surroundings and transparent dustbin filled with used syringes needles and “blood” cotton-wools. We chose not to stage a press conference but invited journalist to observe the installation and to ask passing by people what they think about using of injection drugs on public spaces.