Do not Disable the Rules

“Do Not Disable The Rules – Public Integrity Campaign” is a project implemented by Intelday for the Center for Independent Living, under the NGO program in Bulgaria funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. The campaign focused the attention of the public at the rules for preferential parking in Sofia, and particularly on the issue with of people with disabilities to give away their disability cards or borrowing their marked cars to relatives and close friends thus breaking the rules and on the citizens illegally parking on spots for people with disabilities – both violating the rules. The campaign was targeted at raising the understanding that the preferential parking is an instrument guarantying the fundamental human right of free movement. We held public awareness actions with the participation of people with disabilities, students, media representatives, decision makers; disseminated 25,000 special information materials in blue and green zones in Sofia; audio and video clips were broadcasted in the information network of the Metropolitan, in trams (videos could have been watched months after the end of the campaign), and in TV and radio. The FB page received more than 102,000 likes and this number continues to grow up until now. We appeal to people hearts and minds to promote socially responsible behavior; to strive for change in public perceptions and thinking and called for intolerance to any act of people who “disable” the rules.