Be ONE OF A KIND for a KINDer World

A communication, promotion and funds raising campaign in support of the functioning of a Day Care Centre for People with Intellectual Difficulties. In support of its efforts to promote and nurture a more tolerant and sensitive society and raise funds for its Day Care Centre Maria’s World Foundation has launched the Be ONE OF A KIND for a KINDer World campaign.
Within the framework of the campaign it was presented information about the specificities of people with intellectual difficulties, organised a number of activities, and produced and disseminated materials that promote the successful acceptance of this group of people by society. Under the project a thirty-second video directed by Stoyan Radev, featuring Maria Karadzhova – a young woman with intellectual difficulty, the BNT presenter Maria Sylvester, and the actress Maria Sapundjieva – was produced and broadcasted. People with intellectual difficulties can take their rightful place in society with dignity and find meaningful, gainful employment solely if they enjoy adequate support and have guaranteed access to appropriate social services. This is the message, which the Foundation would sent to Bulgarian society in the framework of the project.
The campaign was implemented by Intelday, Maria’s World Foundation with financial support from the Bulgarian Donors Forum and the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe.