Discussion on first results of DVGBV study

The violence reported in the print and online media takes place within the home. When the conversation touches on the topic of aggression in general, nearly 65% of the mentions concern the domestic environmentThis became clear during the

The first stage of the study covers 16,290 articles in Bulgarian media published in the period November 2018 – November 2019. The summarized data show that in 78% of the publications concern domestic physical violence, most often by the partner or another family member. Sexual, psychological, cyber and public violence are far behind. The neutral approach in presenting the information is impressive, due to the direct sharing of the information materials of the Ministry of Interior. But this doesn’t stop loud media headlines in order to attract readers. The analysis notes the predominant empathy when the victims are female and rather a neutral tone leading to justification when the victim is a man.

The Prevention through Awareness project ACF / 349 is funded within the first competition for strategic projects of the Active Citizens Fund under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 www.activecitizensfund.bg, and is implemented by Intelday Foundation in partnership with Perseptika EOOD and M-Brain AS, Norway.

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