The Project “Who is in Front of me in the Net”

The project “Who is in Front of me in the Net”, a joint initiative of Intelday Foundation and the metropolitan region of Slatina under the Program “Europe”, received a certificate for an award nomination from the Program of Good Practices in Local Self-Government in Bulgaria 2016-2017, with the financial support of the European Council.

The project “Who is in front of me in the Net” has a purpose to introduce to the children from fifth to seven grades in the local schools how to smooth out their online identity and how to use the Internet.

Practice has led to cooperation between municipal structures and civilian structures. A public discussion on safety of the coming generations in the Internet has been raised. It builds young people with skills that are not widely practiced or absent in the studying process in municipal schools. Good results have been achieved in the cooperation between the project team, the teachers in the two pilot schools and the children’s parents.